7 Snoring Exercises That Every Snorer Should Know

Most of the time snoring is caused by flappy tissue in your throat; this flappy tissue vibrates as air moves through your throat causing the familiar snoring sound. The best way to remedy this is by tightening these tissues by removing excess flat tissue and increasing its muscle density. You can ether use chin strap for snoring or learn the exercises to help reduce snoring. There are several ways to exercise your throat and jaw areas; here are the seven effective snoring exercises that every snorer should know about.

  1. Tongue exercise

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There are cases when your tongue causes your snoring by being too relaxed, making the air passage in your throat more narrow when you sleep on your back. The best way you can remedy this is by strengthening you tongue through a daily exercise routine; what you do is put the tip of your tongue at the back of your front teeth, and repeatedly slide your tongue back for five minutes a day. Doing this will reduce and might even possibly completely cure your snoring.

  1. Cheek and Lip exercise

Purse your lips and holding for a minute and then relax, repeat for about 5 times. This will help strengthen muscle near your throat and will work well coupled with every other exercises in this list. Make sure that you are doing it when no one else is around though.

  1. Vowels, Practice Saying Them Out Loud

This helps develop your tongue, throat, and other muscles found in your mouth. And aside from helping with your snoring problem, it has the benefit of refining your speech, I think.

  1. Jaw Exercise

Open your mouth wide and move your jaw to the right, hold it for 30 seconds to a minute and release, repeat for the left side and alternate for a few times.

  1. Chew Gum

As an additional jaw exercise, chew some gum, some studies have shown it helps develop the muscles in your jaw area, and if you like gum you will enjoy doing it.

  1. Direct Throat Exercise

Open your mouth and contract the muscles at the back of your throat, you will know that you are doing it right if your uvula is moving up and down. Doing this repeatedly for a minute once or twice a day will help greatly with your snoring.

  1. Jog or Do Any Cardio

One of the main causes of snoring is being overweight and the excess fat that comes with it, losing the weight and fat will greatly help with your snoring problem, possibly even taking care of the problem once and for all.